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Pelargonium for Europe is the marketing initiative of European geranium breeders Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis / P. van der Haak Handelskwekerij, Geranien Endisch, Selecta one and Syngenta. It was founded in 2016 with the aim to promote and secure long-term geranium sales in Europe.

This is Pelargonium for Europe’s website for the green industry 

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The PfE end-of-season review for 2023 is out now. Check out our jam-packed review for stakeholders, sharing all the latest results and achievements.

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POS & digital materials

Every year we produce promotional materials for the point of sale and online: posters, banners, flags, flyers and more. Brand new POS materials are ready to order now!

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Pelargonium for Europe is active in the following countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia


EU campaign “Stars Unite a Europe in Bloom”

In Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, our partners, are working on a widespread holistic marketing campaign as part of the EU campaign “Europe in Bloom”. This involves consumer and trade PR in various forms, development of POS materials, social media, and more. Find out more about the campaign on our EU site.


Campaigns funded by industry only
In all other countries, our partners are developing media material and creating consumer press coverage. For the trade, free POS materials are available to download, and our yearly-updated image bank can be used for your own purposes, such as creating social media content and POS. 


What's happening in your country


Pelargonium for Europe is a marketing initiative founded by European geranium breeders: Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis, Geranien Endisch, Selecta one and Syngenta.


It was founded in 2016 with the aim to promote and secure long-term geranium sales in Europe. In 2020, the campaign became active in 22 European countries. It is supported by the EU in six; Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Poland. View our EU campaign page.

We work closely with our marketing board of breeders to coordinate a wide range of activities aimed at increasing geranium sales through promoting and strengthening the plant's image. 


Our campaigns, delivered by our international partner agencies, are designed with carefully defined themes and targets based on consumer trends and market data.

Target groups

Pelargonium for Europe focuses on targeting key consumer groups via two clear channels: a) the media and b) the green sector including all parts of the supply chain. 

Target consumer groups are Family & Career Builders (aged 25 - 35) and New Life Builders (aged 50 - 60) - both at transitional stages in life, as well as older traditional buyers. 

Consumer PR

PR, media relations and social media play a large role in reaching consumers directly. These activities are wide and diverse, and they can vary from classic press communication to media collaborations in different forms.

Our international partners bring geraniums to TV and radio, lead influencer partnerships, feature in top newspapers, publish expert magazine interviews and participate at events and festivals.

Green trade

Close working partnerships, collaborations and communication with the green trade is valued extremely highly. Pelargonium for Europe aims to support all levels of the supply chain, particularly specialist retailers.
• Retailers - by providing POS materials, advice and information.

• Organised trade such as wholesalers and markets – through partnerships and provision of materials.

• Trade organisations and associations - for example our international partners have collaborated with groups such as BLOOMs, Interflora, FloraHolland and Landgard.

• Other trade groups such as education and consultancy companies - many of PfE's partner agencies are deeply involved within the green trade in their countries;
partners include national greenhouse and horticulture associations with regional offices.

• Events - Pelargonium for Europe and its partners participate in trade events in various countries, most notably at IPM Essen in Germany.

Get in touch if you would like to become a trade partner. 

Visit our press & consumer site

For images, press releases and inspirational content to share with your customers and contacts



Image database


Create your own digital content and bespoke POS material using our free images!


Every year, we produce hundreds of professional photos in different styles. The green trade can download these free high-res images to use for your own adverts, websites, promotional materials, social media and more.


Use our images with tools like Canva to create your own graphic design.



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